Kit Harington unbearable ? A radio host reveals why the actor was his worst interview

Kit Harington, not so kind as that ? A radio host has recently released their interview more annoying than ever.

These past few weeks have not been easy for Kit Harington. Accused of having cheated on his wife Rose Leslie with a young Russian model, the actor quickly denied the rumor. Even today, the comedian’s flagship ‘Game of Thrones finds himself at the heart of the news. The reason for this ? Roman Kemp, a famous host of the british radio Capital FM has recently revealed that Kit Harington had been her worst interview. Ouch ! “The stars know they have a lot of fans who listen in on our wave. The last thing they want is to hear from someone who is soft and a lot too serious. I think actors have this tendency to be too serious so it was really strange. Who knows, may-be that I interviewed him on a bad day,” he confided to Digital Spy.

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But Kit Harington has he really been so unbearable that it ? Roman Kemp has been keen to nuance his remarks : “I myself could be boring. One must keep in mind that the person in front may be affected by his personal life. And it is this that emerges from this interview. When Kit plays the comedy, he is not himself. In his work, he interprets another person so it is logical that he feels a bit embarrassed when you ask him questions about him. Always leave the benefit of the doubt to someone but the discomfort was important, so much so that I said to myself : “Oh my God, kill me now.'” Astounding statements which cannot fail to react the fans of the actor. Also, the former CV Meghan Markle has surfaced and is astounding competent.