Known details of the new season of “Game of thrones”

Известны подробности нового сезона «Игры престолов»

Large-scale and ambitny series “Game of thrones” has changed not only television but also the careers of the Actresses who played the main roles.

“Game of thrones” proves to the movie or the TV series become a cultural phenomenon for a generation, requires dedication. With the first season, released in 2011, the number of spectators increased four times.

This series has dispelled the notion that fantasy is exclusively for men-geeks. Judging by the media attention, the upcoming eighth season will be the most anticipated television comeback of the year. Great success of the series – female characters: the incredible Daneri performed by Emilia Clarke, ruthless Queen Cersei is played by Lena heady, is the noble warrior of the increase in 191 cm Brienne of Tarth in the performance Gwendoline Christie, Sansa stark – Sophie Turner, now the star of the franchise “X-Men” and Arya stark – Maisie Williams.

The youngest in the company – Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner. They were only 13 and 14 when they started playing sisters of stark, the first of which was a Tomboy, turned into a warrior, and the last noble lady stark of Winterfell.

In the new season viewers will see the characters of Williams, Turner and Gwendoline Christie in Winterfell, the ancestral castle of clan stark. The army of the dead – led by the terrifying White Walkers make their way to him. In the South, ruled by Cersei recently become pregnant through relations with her brother Jamie Lannister is plotting to destroy the Starks.

For the filming of the final season of the show took 10 months. The largest battle scene filmed in the open air for 55 nights, and then moved to the Studio for another few weeks. “All the training in the world couldn’t prepare me for the stamina that I need for these night shoots,” says 21-year-old now Maisie Williams (TV series busy 8 years of her life!).

Lena heady describes your experience in more restrained terms: “It’s long hours of hard work,” she says. Tears in the last days on set – a common occurrence. When it came time to shoot the last scene Sophie Turner, she told me that I couldn’t control: “I cried for hours and hours after everyone had shot. I leave behind a character you grew up with. It’s almost like a death.” Sophie Turner is now 23, and acted in the TV series she started at 14, writes