Kristen Stewart in a relationship with Sara Dinkin, his ex Stella Maxwell is very disappointed by his behaviour !

According to new information, Stella Maxwell would feel betrayed by Kristen Stewart since the latter is displayed openly in a relationship with his girlfriend Sara Dinkin.

Between Kristen Stewart and Sara Dinkin, it is solid ! For evidence, two women were recently photographed in a full passionate kiss. It was not necessary any more to frighten fans on the social networks. It is now official, Kristen Stewart has definitely turned the page Stella Maxwell. And if we are to believe the rumours in Hollywood, this break has not taken place in the greatest calm. Some rumors suggest also hear that the actress would have badly dropped the dummy without any explanation. Quickly replaced, Stella Maxwell would like a lot his ex-girlfriend.

Kristen Stewart en couple avec Sara Dinkin, son ex Stella Maxwell est tr?s d??ue par son comportement !

Between Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell, it’s finished !

But what has happened in the past ? According to the revelations of Radar Online, Stella Maxwell would have been very hurt by the behaviour of Kristen Stewart. “They had made a pact not to appear publicly with someone else for a time, but Kristen could not help it and decided to strut his stuff directly with Sara. Stella was really disappointed to see how Kristen is poorly behaved,” said one source to the tabloid. Decidedly, this separation seems to have been more tumultuous than ever. Hopefully things ceaseth. In the rest of the news, the photo of the possible baby bump Miley Cyrus intrigue internet users.