Kyiv joined the global environmental event #ClimateStrike

Киев присоединился к всемирной экологической акции #ClimateStrike

Киев присоединился к всемирной экологической акции #ClimateStrike

In Kiev under the building of the Cabinet of Ministers has held an ecological action #ClimateStrike, which should attract the authorities ‘ attention to environmental issues and climate change.

The participants of the Kiev meeting required energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy, which in the last 5 years became cheaper than fossil fuels in many countries around the world and attracts the most investment, according to Hromadske, which led the broadcast of the event.

“I came because I want to tell our government what in the world is the ecological crisis and the country needs to work on this at the state level. We, young people, worried about our future and we want to have a place to live,” said one of the organizers of Les Hamster.

His protest Kyiv joined the global campaign #ClimateStrike. Students and young people around the world on Friday, may 15, come to share #ClimateStrike to urge their governments to reduce emissions and keep warming. This movement is the beginning of the 16-year-old ecoactivity Greta Thunberg, which was recently nominated for a Nobel peace prize.

Social media has gained popularity flashmob called Trashtag Challenge, which encourages people to clean up around and upload pictures of before and after. Recently joined the Kiev housing and communal services, which urged Kiev to clean up around.