Kylie Jenner engaged to Travis Scott ? The rumor of the week !

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are still in love and would have crossed a new cap. The two stars would be brides ! This is the rumor of the week.

All smiles at Kylie Jenner ! The youngest of the clan Kardashian is a woman filled at the professional level and the personal level. Soon, she will celebrate in particular the first anniversary of her little Stormi, the fruit of her amours with the rapper Travis Scott. If the romance of the two stars and the arrival of their baby seemed to be extremely fast, the star of reality tv and rapper spin always the perfect love. If the young woman has decided to be more discreet than before on his private life, it is successful for him. Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend could soon enter a new stage in their relationship. A photo of the young woman recently created an uproar among his fans. Indeed, the clich? suggests that Kylie Jenner could very well be betrothed to Travis Scott ! It is, in any case, the rumor of the week.

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Kylie Jenner-she announced that she had recently become engaged to Travis Scott ? A few days ago, the star of reality tv shared two photos via his account Instagram. The young mom appears all in white, but this is not the detail that jumped out in the eyes of his followers. In fact, the girlfriend of Travis Scott wears a beautiful ring adorned with a large diamond on the left ring finger. This jewel is it an engagement ring ? The rapper has-t-he makes his request to the young woman ? For the moment, the main parties involved have not commented on the rumors. It must be said that Khlo? Kardashian would not be happy that a marriage between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. In addition, this last did not hesitate to play the ” tickle the imagination of his fans. However, let’s not forget that Kylie Jenner had kept her pregnancy secret until the birth of his daughter, then why would it not be the same with his marriage ? Case to follow !