Kylie Jenner is furious that her family is on good terms with Tyga ? We have the answer !

While Kylie Jenner enjoys his life as a young mother, the young woman is-she is furious to know that his family is still on good terms with her ex, Tyga ?

An internal conflict ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, if you follow since a very long time the adventures of the clan, the most famous of the United States, you know that the family Kardashian/Jenner is very close-knit and that she will stop at nothing to support its members. While Kylie Jenner changed radically head and took advantage of a mini fare for the transformation, they decided to make an exception to the rule in continuing to maintain good relations with Tyga to the point of endangering the mother of Stormi in a rage ? If one believes the information on the site Hollywood Life, the young woman would be perfectly in accord with the situation : “Kim and Kris have cross-Tyga during the concert of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.”


A publication shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on 21 Sept. 2018 at 8 :30 PDT

The source goes on to confident : “They made themselves a hug. Kylie was also present, but it was no problem. She doesn’t see why she would want her family to stay on good terms with Tyga. He has represented such an important part of its existence, but also of his family life for so long. She really understands why everyone is still very friendly with him. Kylie and Tyga are understood so well that there is no jealousy or resentment between them. She does not wish him as well !” That is clear and which should put an end to the many rumors. In the meantime, know that Caitlyn Jenner spoke about the pregnancy painful of Kylie.