Kylie Jenner is ready to reconcile with Jordyn Woods ? This detail, which distracts the fans !

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner are on the verge of reconciling ? It is possible to believe this last detail that buzze on the Canvas !

Slowly but surely ! After having kissed Tristan Thompson at a party in Los Angeles, Jordyn Woods is shyly her back on the front of the stage. Boycotted by Khloé Kardashian and the rest of the clan, the It Girl has always the hope to be forgiven. In any case, she does not let go of the case soon. A perseverance that could well bear fruit. What is certain is that the young 21-year old woman starts again to be active on social networks. After having published two photos of her new hair cut, Jordyn Woods has shared a video boomerang on Instagram. A post that has not gone unnoticed.

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You may be missed but Victoria Villarroel aka the personal assistant and friend of Kylie Jenner has enjoyed the last post of Jordyn Woods on Instagram. A sign of a future reconciliation between the two former BFF ? It is possible. However, as he was not expecting it, the young woman has removed her like a few minutes later. A reversal of the situation which has not failed to intrigue the fans. Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner can really put this huge controversy behind them ? Only the future will tell. In the rest of the news, check out the other first name that Kylie Jenner has failed to give his daughter Stormi.