Kylie Jenner showed his new hairstyle

Кайли Дженнер показала свою новую прическу

Kylie Jenner surprised its subscribers with a new haircut. Now curl the celebrity look quite as natural. Did Kylie took a break from the wigs?

It seems that the isolation is gradually driving celebrities crazy. Stars who are not accustomed to sit all day in four walls and suffer from idleness, is only now doing. However, that will not do for their own health!

Bored people discover a new hobby. Someone seriously took up the sport, some of them started to make funny video sketches. But Kylie Jenner decided to experiment on its own way.

Girl and likes to please its fans with new hairstyles and colourful wigs. This time, however, she went on. Instagram star posted a video which showed hair the color of caramel, clipped by Bob.

Кайли Дженнер показала свою новую прическу

“She’s bored”, — has signed a private instagram-the story of Kylie.

With that hair star billionaire we’ve ever seen! The audience was divided into two camps. One liked the new hairstyle instagram-stars and her desire for naturalness. Others are demanding the return of the familiar black hair.

In any case, we believe that this is not the only thing that will surprise us Kylie. Because we still have many days of self-isolation. I wonder what will happen next?


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