Lady Diana and Prince Charles totally incompatible, a biographer, a royal scale !

According to the confidences of an author English, Lady Diana and prince Charles were not all that made one for the other.

If the whole world thought that the marriage of prince Charles and Lady Diana would last a lifetime, nothing happened as expected. After their marriage in July 1981, their relationship marked by numerous infidelities, has rapidly deteriorated. And for good reason, the parents of William and Harry were just unhappy together. Prince Charles was completely helpless in the face of the depression of Lady Diana after the birth of their eldest son. Would they then really have to take this step ? Not according to the biographer, Penny Junor ! “The only thing that has really destroyed the confidence of Charles in him, it was his disastrous marriage to Diana. He did not understand what made Diana so unhappy. He couldn’t manage it,” she revealed in the documentary The Madness of Prince Charles published in 2015 on Youtube.

Lady Diana et Prince Charles totalement incompatibles, une biographe royale balance !

Prince Charles and Lady Diana have known a wedding chaotic

But the declarations of Penny Junor do not stop there. The author british overbid, adding that, according to her, Lady Diana and prince Charles, who knew that their marriage would be a failure, were completely incompatible. “Charles is a man in need of affection. At the time, he needed a woman who would support, who would help, who would be there for him and that would boost his ego. But Diana was so absorbed by her own problems that she had nothing to offer. They were, in fact, that opposite poles” she confessed in the story. A story whose end has been tragic. Lady Diana and prince Charles separated in 1992 before divorcing officially in 1996.