Lady Diana : The privilege that Kate Middleton got the royal family and that she has never had

Unlike Lady Diana, Kate Middleton has received something priceless on the part of the royal family.

It is known, the entry of Lady Diana in the royal family has not been easy. From the beginning, the future princess knew that her marriage would be a failure. Worse still, it failed to cancel the ceremony on the eve of the big day. A hesitation, also shared by her future husband. It’s not surprising therefore that some experts say that Lady Diana and prince Charles, were totally incompatible. If the young woman seemed docile at first sight, it has proven to be a true tornado. Quite the opposite of Kate Middleton , who remains in the ranks. Very appreciated by the clan Windsor, the duchess of Cambridge has managed to get a place important to the difference of his deceased mother-in-law.

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According to the revelations of Paul Burrell, the former butler of Diana, princess of Wales has never really been accepted by the royal clan as opposed to Kate Middleton. “Kate is a woman actually very lucky because she got something that Diana never had : the love and the support of the royal family. With this strength behind it, she can do what she wants and accomplish great things. It does not need anything else,” he said in the documentary, The Diana Story, which aired on Amazon Prime. You will have understood, Kate Middleton could have a fourth child, is so well installed at Kensington Palace.