Lady Gaga admitted that over the past 10 years her life has been a lot of pain

Леди Гага призналась, что за последние 10 лет в ее жизни было много боли

Famous American singer Lady Gaga has become the main character of one of the rooms of Variety magazine. photoset of the debut of the singer in the film Bradley Cooper called “a Star is born”.

Reports the author of black and white pictures made by the famous American photographer Art Streiber. On them Lady Gaga appeared in a shirt worn by Bradley Cooper in several key scenes of the film. The photo shoot took place in the mansion of the stars in Malibu, from which she was later forced to evacuate because of a fire.

“For me it was a time of total transformation. As an artist, I always have doubts – “if I’m good Enough for this? If I do something really worthwhile? Am I honest to myself?”. I’ve developed some sort of prolonged sadness, which makes me think if I’m good enough for this. But today I see clearly. I see the truth,” said the singer.

She also noted that feelings of success as an actress like the ones she felt at the start of a career.

“These feelings are very similar, but at the same time, they are completely different because over the last 10 years of my life was a lot of pain and betrayal. And people think that all an artist’s life is roses and champagne. I don’t like the word “celebrity”, because it denies my artistry. There was a lot of pain. Everything changes. Your whole life changes,” added Lady Gaga.