Lady Gaga : Look What I Found, its new clip from the film A Star Is Born unveiled (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga has just put online his new video clip “Look What I Found”, a title which appears on the soundtrack of the film A Star Is Born.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper reinterprets a classic hollywood with the film A Star Is Born, and you can find our review on melty. Since 3 October last, the Little Monsters are on the boil since the Mother Monster is the poster of this new film at the cinema, in which she plays brilliantly. The adaptation of Bradley Cooper has already been praised by the most important critics on the planet, and the entries continue to increase day by day. Not surprising when you discover the scenario, which portrays a Gaga au natural without makeup and with brown hair and whose character Ally is going to be pushed to the front of the stage by a country singer.

Before the release of the feature film in theaters, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had unveiled the clip “Shallow” to ensure the promotion of A Star Is Born. Since then, the album soundtrack saw the light of day on October 5, 2018 and has already been a huge success in the charts. Result, the superstar has decided to unveil the video of the song “Look What I Found”, a favourite of the public. Once again, many clips from the film strung together while she sings in a recording studio, something to give desire to those who are not yet went to the cinema to discover this little gem.