Lara Fabian: an “opportunity” to realign its priorities

Lara Fabian: une «opportunité» pour réaligner ses priorités

Lara Fabian

12 April 2020 4: 00

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Lara Fabian: an “opportunity” to realign its priorities

Lara Fabian: une «opportunité» pour réaligner ses priorités

Celine Fabriès

The Sun


Beyond the anxiety, the confinement and of the dead that has caused the COVID-19, Lara Fabian sees this upheaval of his life as an “opportunity” to realign its priorities.

“I call it the gift poorly packaged” shows the international singer, in a telephone interview from his residence in Montreal, where she is confined since mid-march.

Despite all the anxiety of the situation, Lara tries to see the good side of things, taking maximum advantage of his family at home, she spends the majority of his time in planes, hotels and various countries in the world.

“It’s crazy in fact. It is a privilege to have the time to be with family, to rediscover who the people are with whom one lives, ” she says. Often cause of our lives, of our emergencies and our needs of survival, we could only exchange the minimum.”

The day where everything changed

A few days before prime minister Francois Legault announces the break of Quebec, with the closure of shops and businesses are non-essential, Lara Fabian is in his studio located in his house in montreal with Moh Deneb to work on the album of Felix Lemelin (ex-participant in the program The Voice).

“My daughter comes home from school and she said to me : “You have not seen the news. Schools are being shut down from tomorrow. It seems like the world is going down””, she says.

Lara then turn on the tv and falls on the image of the Italians confined to singing the national anthem at the window. “I was stunned emotions. I sat down and I started to cry like a madeleine”, she says.

Moh Deneb offers him then to return to the studio to write a song. “I called my friend Élodie Hesme in France and we wrote the text.”

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His daughter and her husband, the magician, the Italian Gabriel Di Giorgio, hear the melody of My heart to the window and began to hum. “It is my family that you hear in the backing vocals”, adds Lara.

Once the song is recorded, Lara calls on all the people around her, her team, her fans, and personalities to create the music video. “I had answers quickly. We received more than 1000 videos.”

A typical day

As the vast majority of humans in the world, Lara Fabian has seen his time shattered with the pandemic. On April 4, it would normally occur in the Centre Videotron to present 50 World Tour. The concert has been pushed back a first time to June 21. But it had to be cancelled due to the prohibition of the holding of rallies until further notice. The team of Lara is currently working to find a new date.

It sets the rhythm of his days on that of his daughter and his spouse and take advantage of every moment to experience new things as a family.

Lou, her daughter, follows the course of his college via Skype. “During this time, I do my school for me,” says Lara, who has been keeping very busy with Our hearts to the window.

The family decides together what she prepares for dinner. “We are all three in the kitchen to decide recipes with what one a.” “We sing, we play games, we watch movies that we never had the opportunity to see the films we had watched, respectively, and we discuss it at the table.”

The family in Europe

If his house is located in Quebec, Lara doesn’t forget his family in Europe, in Belgium and in Italy. “We talk all the time, we skype, is text. It is even closer than before,” said Lara, who still finds the distance difficult.

His dad lives in Belgium. By chance, many people take it in turns to see if he needed something.

We don’t know when the planet will return to a normal life and how the people will behave after this ordeal, but for Lara Fabian, one thing is for sure, his life will never be the same.

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