Lauma: like a music box

Lauma: comme une boîte à musique

Lauma: comme une boîte à musique

“I didn’t know just not how to write a song. But in the end, it was unlocked. I found a guy <em>cute</em>, and I wrote <em>the Heart of honey</em>!” is fun Lauma.

May 2, 2020 4: 00


Lauma: like a music box

Lauma: comme une boîte à musique

Lauma: comme une boîte à musique

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


They are young, they see great and their future looks full of promise. Artists from multiple backgrounds, they will shape the cultural landscape of tomorrow. Of the four corners of Quebec, the newspaper of the co-operatives CN2i show you their identity card.

Well before entering the studio with Claude Bégin, who made his first minialbum, before making his classes in Granby or even try his luck at Cégeps en spectacle, Laura Magnan, alias Lauma, knew that she would make music a profession. For the author-composer-interpreter of Quebec, the certainty was rooted from the small school.

“In the first year of primary school, it was necessary to say what they would do later, says the young artist. We had a small booklet with pictures of us and at the end, he had to draw what we would become. I had written : “later, I’ll be a singer”. And I had drawn a woman with high heels on a podium receiving roses!”

At the end of the wire — COVID-19 requires —, the story ends in a grand peal of laughter. So much for the vocation. However, Lauma, who has recently launched the minialbum Pixels, has multiplied the initiatives to see happen. Guitar lessons from childhood — rocked by Dany Bédar, Daniel Bélanger, and, later, Jason Mraz —, a course of choral singing and then a few competitions, including The voice Garneau, where her coach, Lily Thibodeau, encouraged her to take the pen.

“She told me : “you’re capable of writing. Vas-y, not loose”. Me, I just knew not how to write a song. But in the end, it was unlocked. I found a guy cute and I wrote a Heart of honey! I went later in the song than what actually happened…” tells Lauma about the title, which opens its minialbum.

His participation in Cégeps en spectacle has opened the doors of the Festival de la chanson de Tadoussac, where she participated in the writing residency led every year by Xavier Lacouture. Then, the author-composer-interpreter went to perfect his knowledge at the School of Granby song. “It is here that are born the other four songs from the EP,” says the one who describes his musical style as “pop-folk happy… Like a music box…”

The cost of trying

Laura Magnan is not the type to be very shy… She doesn’t seem put off until tomorrow what she can do now. One understands it when she takes the time in the middle of an interview to share with a journalist a “too good” tofu recipe piri-piri (on the thank you!). It has also been the case in a way that is more significant in her journey when she decided to write to Claude Bégin, she admired the solo work and his collaborations with Karim Ouellet.

“I told him that I really liked what he was doing and I asked him if we could do a song together, she notes. Or maybe even an album. I told myself that I would perhaps never, but at least I tried.”

Well-occupied with his projects, he is notably a member of the training Alaclair Ensemble, Bégin has found time to put his claw well audible on the songs of Lauma. “It made me say that everything is possible in this business, she says. If you want to write to an artist, you do lose nothing to try…”



Name : Laura Magnan, alias Lauma

Age : 23 years

Origin : Québec

Discipline : Author-composer-performer

First steps : My first guitar lessons at the age of eight years. And more professionally, when I participated in Cégeps en spectacle.

Aspirations : I was able to check my list to make a minialbum with Claude Bégin. This is something that I really wanted to do. I would like to do another EP, possibly still with him, because I love it too. Otherwise, I’d like to do a single with FouKi. I love what he does. I find that it’s a rap melodious.

Mentor : By far, I would say that it is Jason Mraz. With his album Mr. A-Z, it really has me marked because it makes several styles in the same album. I think that it is that fact that I like a lot of different styles.

Allegiance : This is not related to the music, but I’m vegan. Animals, for me, it is really important. It keeps me really at heart. I discovered full of flavor thanks to it and I advise everyone to try it, would it be that by making the veganuary by trying it for a month. Or a week, as the people feel it.

Dependency : I have an extreme addictive chocolate. It is really difficult to stop me, this is too good. I made five mug cakes in the same week. I am able to do without it for a day, but maybe not two!

Pride : My song to My beautiful Clodie, it is my pride music. My pride in my life, this is my boyfriend.

Regrets : Not. I think that it should not have. When it is past, it is hard to have regrets.

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