LCF: the quebec Adam Auclair, chosen by the Red and Black of Ottawa

LCF: le québécois Adam Auclair choisi par le Rouge et Noir d'Ottawa

Photo: Jacques Boissinot Archives The canadian Press
Adam Auclair (right) has played four seasons for the Red and Gold of the University Laval.

The half defensive québécois Adam Auclair will be wearing a uniform the same color as that of his big brother Antony, of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The difference is that this will be the one of the Red and Black of Ottawa in the CFL.

Auclair was the first player in the réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSÉQ) to be selected during the draft in the CFL Thursday night, the sixth-largest total of the auction 2020.

“I don’t know why, I always ‘tripped’ on this city. Since I am young, I am crazy’ on the Ottawa Senators, the NHL, and the Renegades of Ottawa in the CFL. In addition, I have family there, in Gatineau; my older sister is there, my uncle too, so I’m really happy at the moment. It is a little out there I was hoping to go. “

Auclair has surprised many observers by coming out so early in the session, since according to the last top-20 of the best hopes university prepared by the office of recruitment of the CFL, he finds himself in 15th place. It was the first mouth-agape.

“I was not expecting that. I spoke yesterday evening with [my agent] Sasha Ghavami, who told me that it was maybe possible, but it is, of course, I’m surprised. I’m very happy, ” he said, a few minutes after his selection.

Many expect that he will make his first professional steps in starting next season, possibly on the special units of the Red and Black.

“The new coordinator defensive of the Red and Black is very excited to meet me, and he said that he was going to try to use me as much as the marauder that of linebacker,” said Auclair.

The athlete six feet, two inches and 205 pounds, and a native of Quebec played four seasons for the Red and Gold of Laval University, winning at the same time two Cuts Vanier.

On the side of the Alouettes

For their part, the Montreal Alouettes were without a first-round, after having offered their choice to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the disastrous transaction that had allowed — briefly — to rely on the services of the u.s. watch Johnny Manziel.

The general manager Danny Maciocia has, however, adhered to his word and wrote in his own court: he chose the half defensive québécois Marc-Antoine Dequoy in the second round, 14th in total.

The one who played at fly-half defensive Carabins of the Université de Montréal last year, under the leadership of Maciocia, however, is not certain to put on the uniform of the Birds the next season. Dequoy agreed earlier this week an offer of the Green Bay Packers as player stand-alone.

If he fails to carve out a place in the NFL, so he will obviously be in the know. And Dequoy did not need to discuss with Maciocia to know what he expected of him in the CFL.

“We have not discussed [the plan for the next year]. Danny [Maciocia], it is the coach who knows me best, he to me was ‘coached’ during four years at the University of Montreal, so it did not need to discuss with me to know what I can offer him, he mentioned. He knows exactly what I can bring. Its goal was to really try to go looking for me, if possible, and after that, we will see what the future holds for us.”

The Red and Black has selected the third and last player in the RSÉQ during the first two round, 19th overall, by opting for the middle linebacker of the Red-and-Gold-Dan Bosambombo.

The latter, who was unable to play last season in the university ranks, for reasons academic, had already indicated that he intended to remain with the Red and Gold next season.

“But I’m going to participate in the training camp [Red and Black], out of respect, but also so that I could familariser with the team and that I can bring this wealth of experience with the Red and Gold,” he confided.

On the other hand, the Alouettes opted to 16th level for the defensive lineman Cameron Lawson, of Queen’s University s. They have also chosen the offensive lineman Carter O’donnell (22nd), the defensive lineman of the Carabins Benedict Marion (25th) and teammate linebacker Brian Harelimana (33rd), in particular.

In short, Maciocia has given a flavour of montreal in this draft of the Alouettes.

Williams, the first choice universal

The session of the consolation bracket began on the hats of wheel then that the Lions of British Columbia have acquired the first universal choice of the Calgary Stampeders, only a few minutes before the start of the event.

The Lions were then set their sights on the middle linebacker canadian University Eastern Carolina, Jordan Williams.

The Toronto Argonauts, who were the second-highest total, have selected the receiver away american Dejon Brisset, of the University of Virginia, while the calgary Stampeders have wagered on the player line of defense for nova scotians Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund, of the University of Southeastern Louisiana, in third.

As it was the case last week with the last chance of the NFL, the hopes and the leaders of the canadian teams were all confined to their homes because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

While the personnel of the clubs was in the habit of meeting at the office and call the office of the league to announce their selections, the entire process was done remotely this year.

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