Leakage of information: the pandemic has forced Desjardins to suspend the notice to customers

Fuite de renseignements: la pandémie a forcé Desjardins à suspendre les avis aux clients

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The sending of a notice to the 1.8 million holders of credit cards affected by the leakage of information is completed to about 50%, according to Desjardins.

The Desjardins group has recently restarted the sending of letters which he had undertaken towards the end of 2019, to prevent the holders of the credit cards that they were also, as those with a bank account, affected by the leakage of personal information. Reason : shipments have been suspended for nearly two months due to the pandemic.

The financial institution has confirmed the suspension and the resumption of shipments when The Duty has demanded to know why a reader had just received such a letter, even if Desjardins has announced the 10 December 2019 the need to expand the scope of people affected by the leak occurred in the first half of 2019. Given the time, the reader holds a credit card from a retailer that she has never served, is worried about his credit record.

At the present time, approximately 50 % of the letters have been sent on a total of 1.8 million, has indicated to the Duty , a spokesman for Desjardins, Jean-Benoit Turcotti. “It’s going to stretch until the end of the month of June,” he said.

“You need to understand that it was nearly two million letters to send. It is still a relatively high volume. It has been a little longer, especially with the period during which it was forced to stop for almost two months. One can understand the anxiety of the people, but we want to reassure them, the situation is the same in the month of December. And since this announcement there, even before they receive the letter, they enjoy the Protection Desjardins. “

The first announcement of a leak of personal information took place on 20 June 2019. The institution had then said that data belonging to 2.7 million individual members and 173 000 companies were found outside of its walls, as a result of the actions of a ” malicious insider “, which was quickly dismissed. In November, this figure was raised to 4.2 million individual members.

On December 10, 2019, Desjardins has indicated that the employee in question has also had access to the data of 1.8 million credit card holders and customers of finance products. The institution had stated that its internal analyses “do not indicate that the personal information of the new people involved have been transferred to third parties by the ex-employee malicious” and that the credit cards were not compromised, as the passwords. The letter of Desjardins, which has expanded its protection program to approximately eight million Canadians, have started in the following weeks.

Even if the envelope is performed mechanically, Desjardins has suspended shipments in march as a precaution and to regroup, said Mr. Turcotti. “It is certain that we would have preferred, like everyone I think, be able to complete the sending of the letters much earlier, as it was originally planned. But unfortunately we didn’t have the choice to delay some shipments due to the world situation. And when it was resumed, indeed it includes people who may have a certain surprise of receiving it at this time. “

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