Léana (The holiday of the Angels 3) being criticized by the netizens because of her physical appearance on the shoot, she explains

After having been subjected to the ridicule of internet users on a detail of his physical, Léana Holiday Angels 3 has decided to take the word on social networks.

Currently the displays of Holiday Angels 3, Léana, which would have refused to participate in a program very well known to The Angels 11, has recently been the target of internet users on social networks, and you’ll see that the reason is rather amazing. In fact, many have criticized the young woman on the many buttons that she wears during the episodes. A detail physical as the candidate of reality tv felt obliged to justify his / her account Snapchat : “I had a hormonal disorder, so it is once you stop the contraceptive pill, for me it has given me buttons. Here, I am sorry to have buttons, but I still live, I’m not contagious, there is no problem”.

The Face of the violence of some people, the candidate was also required to make things clear, revealing she was being followed by a physician : “I am currently under treatment, so those who say, “will consult for your stumble, you make me dégoûtes”, I am currently under treatment, so thanks for your tips. Kisses”. A problem not a problem that has obviously made a lot of noise on social networks. For its part, Léana clearly has other problems, since Thomas, her ex was in The Holiday Angels 3 is accused of violence by one of his old girlfriends.