Léana (The holiday of the Angels 3) gets off on a candidate of Marseille ? It sows doubt

Léana would she be cracking on a candidate of Marseille ? His latest comments make us think that this is the case…

Astrid Nelsia of the Angels 11 and Léana are in a war because of Marvin ? We know the answer ! And speaking of Léana, be aware that on Instagram she is not embarrassed to dredge Benjamin Samat of Marseillais in Asia… Yes, yes, Benjamin Samat ! The latter has posted a photo of himself bare-chested to do a product placement for the brand Bbryance and Léana commented : “I find it difficult to concentrate on your teeth”. The young man then asked her if she was focused on his hat or on his red bracelet and Léana answered him : “Uh no”. If this is not dredge it !

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A publication shared by Benji Samat (@benji_samat) on 9 Dec. 2018 at 9 :53 PST

And by reading the many customer reviews, we found that Léana was not the only one to have had trouble to focus on the smile very white Benjamin Samat… many users of Instagram have also been disturbed by his abs ultra-drawn ! The young man is devastating ! And before you can find it on our screens in Marseille in Asia, be aware that Thibault Garcia asked Jessica Thivenin in marriage during their stay in New York and the latter unveiled its wave of engagement on the social networks… And it is just beautiful !