Legacies : Episode 14, Hope and Lizzie devastated following a reference to Klaroline, our verdict

Episode 14 of Legacies was particularly rich in emotions with a reference to Klaroline. Check out our verdict of “Let’s Just Finish the Dance”.

The annual contest of Miss Mystic Falls was held last night and brought all the drama necessary for an episode of Legacies and has put at risk several duets favorites of the fans. Moreover, a reference moving on Klaroline has overwhelmed Hope and Lizzie who have not ceased to come closer this week, not to mention that a character of The Originals has landed in the show. Who has broken the heart of that ? The editorial’ of melty offers you to discover the verdict of this episode 14 of Legacies ! Initially, Lizzie wanted at any price to win the ancient title of Caroline, Miss Mystic Falls, but when she saw that Dana’s mother was one of the judges, it was decided – to the disappointment of Josie – develop a plan to ensure that Hope wins the victory, and offered him the dress that Caroline wore when she was crowned. Penelope tried to convince Josie to beat Hope, but the young woman was far too loyal to his sister for ruining his plan… angry with Josie, Penelope has made many ravages in the “Let’s Just Finish the Dance” in starting to reveal a bunch of secrets that she has collected in trapping all the world with the help of pens magic.

Legacies : Episode 14, Hope et Lizzie dévastées suite à une référence à Klaroline, notre verdict

The binoculars shattered ?

Before Penelope left the school, breaking the heart of Josie at the same time, she revealed to Landon that Hope was lying about her mother. The couple Lope has encountered some difficulty in this episode 14 of Legacies especially with the return of Roman, the ex-boyfriend of Hope in The Originals. This has triggered a series of dramatic events. Landon refused to escort Hope to the dance, Roman came to his rescue, Josie is in a crazy rage against Lizzie and Hope has discovered that the dress she wore had been chosen by his father Klaus for Caroline. Hope enjoyed the emotional outburst that almost any destroy but Lizzie came to the rescue and the socket in the arm. This scene was of an intensity extreme, and the evolution of the relationship between Lizzie and Hope is just sublime. Elsewhere, Lizzie has even passed a market : “You help me to recover Josie and I help you for Landon”.

Legacies : Episode 14, Hope et Lizzie dévastées suite à une référence à Klaroline, notre verdict

The return of Romance !

During their farewell, heartbreaking, Penelope has been a revelation shock to Josie, and spoke to him about the merger between the two twins without going into details. She has read all the diary of their father, and gave him all the gossip of the school before you leave. Alaric will soon be confronted with the truth… In the last minutes of the episode, the mother of Mr G, who had arrived at the Salvatore School to retrieve her son and the change of school, was kidnapped by Landon. It was then delivered to Clark, and she seems to be her superior. It is a twist that we had not seen coming, primarily because of Gordon, who was walking on campus and transformair people in stone… It’s Mr. G who has saved Landon and the two men seem to be rushed off on the right foot. What will happen to the Phoenix ? Hope she will be able to find and save him ? In any case, the return of Romance in the life of Hope is likely to be a threat in his relationship with Landon. This episode 14 of Legacies was once again incredible and deeply moving. Being part of a profound intensity, the characters draw from the bottom of their emotions to give us a show real and powerful. Waiting for a new episode, check out the spoilers of the week.