Legacies : Episode 15, Hope and Lizzie are helping each other in the promo video

While the episode 14 of Legacies was broadcast on the CW, it is now time to discover the promo video of the episode 15, titled “I’ll Tell You a Story”.

There are only two more episodes to the first season of Legacies ends in beauty… In episode 14 of Legacies, Hope has participated in Miss Mystic Falls with the help of Lizzie and she was shocked to learn that the dress she wore had been chosen by his father Klaus for Caroline. His emotion was so intense that Lizzie came to him in help to try to master it. In addition, Landon has been kidnapped by the mother of Mr. G and delivered to Clark. What is actually her story ? Why is it so valuable in the eyes of the Malivore ? In the meantime, the promo video of episode 15 of Legacies brings us some answers and a new monster!!!

Legacies : Episode 15, Hope et Lizzie s'entraident dans la vidéo promo

The end of a couple ?

As we proves this promo video of episode 15 of Legacies, Landon will return to the Salvatore School. Who will come to his rescue ? However, it will not be quiet long time since a new monster will be in pursuit of her ! In addition, Hope will help to turn Lizzie to control his emotions. In addition, the synopsis of “I’ll Tell You a Story,” we learn that when the consequences of the actions of Hope leave, she and Landon, in conflict, she turned to Lizzie to help him deal with the problems. During this time, Landon discovers secrets about his past, while Josie will explore it as a secret that Alaric has kept for him… The truth should break up in this episode 15 of Legacies. Pending its release on the 21st of march next, find out if SPOILER is as Stefan Salvatore in Legacies !