Legault and public health do not exclude to close the bars

Legault et la santé publique n’excluent pas de fermer les bars

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The prime minister, François Legault, held a press conference Thursday in Carleton in the Gaspé.

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The national director of public health is a “reflection” on the closure of bars, reported the prime minister François Legault, Thursday, reiterating that it does not exclude a reconfinement of bars.

Passage in the Gaspé peninsula, François Legault has recognized that there are still some concerns around the spread of the COVID-19 in the bars. “We talked about it this morning with the director of public health, which is reflection, and that we should quickly come back with a recommendation “, he let us know.

The public health directorate of Montreal launched last Saturday a call to the screening for all persons who frequented the drinking establishments of the metropolis, after several cases were reported.


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Regional tourism

The prime minister continued Thursday its tour of the regions to take stock of the first wave and prepare for the second.

He took advantage of a stop at Carleton-sur-Mer to emphasize that the tourism intraprovincial in a time of pandemic is “an extraordinary opportunity” for the economic development of the region.

“As a former president of Air Transat, I know that there are a lot of Quebecers who were accustomed to go either in the south or in Europe. These people will be much less travel in the coming years “, he noted.

He invited local officials to submit projects to see the birth of new accommodation and tourist attractions.

The prime minister has also said they want to “settle once and for all,” the lack of air service in the region, following the recent announcement of Air Canada to suspend indefinitely 30 connections in Quebec.

The government does not exclude support for a company, be it new or already well established, but wants to first ensure a frequency, and a reasonable price for the flights offered.

“Probably that the Quebec government is going to have to give a subsidy to the carrier that has the best offer. Me, I want this to be solved permanently “, he insisted.

In terms of access to Îles-de-la-Madeleine via the maritime provinces, the negotiations are in progress to facilitate the movement of Quebecers, ” said Mr. Legault. “We have discussions almost every day. I understand that there is a certain fear on the side of the Island-the Prince Edward island and New Brunswick because they see that there has been a lot of cases in Quebec, he argued. We try to reassure them. And me, I’m optimistic. I felt that there was an opening. “

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