Legault does a good job in Quebec, according to a survey

Legault fait bonne figure au Québec, selon un sondage

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
The government caquiste is the best paid in Canada for its management of the economy in the time of a pandemic.

The team of François Legault still enjoys the support of the québec population, nearly three months after a declared state health emergency.

The quebec government displays the “performance rating” the highest in the country, according to Ipsos Reid.

The survey firm reached this conclusion after compiling the responses, 5001 Canadians, including 825 Quebec, to the question ” do you Believe that the government is doing a good job or a bad job, in health, in education, economy…? “

With a rating of 60 %, the Québec government is ahead those of New Brunswick (58 %), Saskatchewan (56 %), British Columbia (54 %), Alberta (50 %), Newfoundland and Labrador (49 %), Ontario (47 %), Manitoba (45 %) and Nova Scotia (44 %).

The government caquiste is the best paid in Canada for its management of the economy in the time of a pandemic. In fact, 71 % of the quebec population considers that it has done a “good job” on this front since the tabling of the Québec budget 2020-2021, last march 10.

Even if Quebec could show a deficit not expected to be 12 to 15 billion dollars to term, 7 in 10 (69 %) are of the opinion that the government Legault has well-managed public spending.

On the other hand, 56% of the population is said to be in phase with the disaster recovery plan of the government of quebec. But, to 35 %, the déconfinement is too fast. In consideration for 9 %, the déconfinement is too slow.

In contrast, barely a third of Quebecers think the government caquiste done a “good job” in providing health care to the elderly. The high mortality rate observed in accommodation centres, and long-term care (CHSLD) there is no doubt not foreign to it. That said, the governments of Nova Scotia and Ontario are judged more severely than that of Québec. Only 24 % of nova scotians and 28 % of Ontarians feel that their government is doing a good job for the elderly.

In 6th place

Ipsos Reid asked respondents specifically about the management of the health crisis on the part of their provincial government.

With an approval rate of 78 %, the government led by François Legault is at the 6th rank of the provincial governments. It does a good job according to 78% of quebec respondents, but a bad work by 20 %.

A rating, however enviable in the measure, including, where just 32 % of the population of Newfoundland and Labrador, and 43% of the population of Alberta believe that their respective government is doing a good job since the arrival of the COVID-19.

Voting Intentions

According to the stroke of the probe conducted by Ipsos Reid, half of the voters supported the Coalition avenir Québec (50 %), 22 % the liberal Party of Quebec, 11 per cent for the Parti québécois, 10 % Québec solidaire 4% green Party 3 % the conservative Party.

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