Legault returned to the charge on the training of attendants

Legault revient à la charge sur la formation de préposés

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
The prime minister François Legault reiterated that the students following the accelerated training will have access to full-time positions at a salary of 49 000$.

The prime minister François Legault, has taken the unions on the confusion surrounding the accelerated training offered to fill 10 000 posts of orderlies.

In a press briefing on Friday afternoon, at Beaupré, Mr. Legault has warned that the ” grumbling unions that want to protect part-time positions “.

He reiterated that the students in this accelerated training will have access to full-time positions at a salary of 49 000 $.

Mr. Legault was assured that the current beneficiary attendants part-time will also be able to submit their candidacy for these positions.

“You need to understand that the hourly rates will not be as high for people who are part-time. There will be actually a choice to make for those employees here, ” added the prime minister.

He recalled that posts were displayed, and had not been filled prior to the pandemic.

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Confusion reigns around the post of the future attendants

The prime minister insisted that a company in the private sector could never operate with approximately 50 % of its part-time staff, as would be the case in the network.

“This is a real problem, a problem that exists pretty much just in Quebec. A problem that must be dealt with “, he argued.

“We will respect the rules of seniority, employees who are part-time will have the option to apply on the full-time positions,” said Mr. Legault.

As to the recrimination of the other professions who fear they may be overwhelmed at the salary level for new employees, François Legault assured of the contrary.

“A licensed practical nurse or a nurse who works in a CHSLD full-time will earn at least $ 49,000 a year”,-he said.

In response to journalists ‘ questions, Mr. Legault has also said to serve as a reminder to the leaders of CISSS and CIUSSS.

“Marguerite Blais has been very clear. And I thought we had been clear with the PDG of the CISSS and CIUSSS, but the new orderlies that will start on September 15, will earn $ 49,000 a year, will be full-time, ” said Mr. Legault.

Before his press briefing, the prime minister had met with the CEO of the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale, Michel Delamarre.

“We [are] preparing for a possible second wave. […] What I understood is that the leaders of the CIUSSS are very happy to see the students as attendants to the beneficiaries to start their courses. We will all hope that if there is a second wave, it will come after September 15. “

The CAQ offers the accelerated training of employee in the accommodation Centres, and long-term care (CHSLD) 12-week (375 hours), less than half of the normal training of 870 hours.

This are 9800 students who have undertaken this training on Monday, in 52 vocational training centres.

Environmental assessments

At Beaupré, facing île d’orléans, Mr. Legault has also addressed the issue of the acceleration of the work desired by his government in the face of the opposition in the national Assembly.

He spoke of many projects with ” unacceptable delays “.

“I think it was almost unanimous among the mayors… We are all supporters of protecting the environment, but the time limits for environmental approvals and all other permissions, it is much too long. And he must find a way together to realize projects more quickly, first to the citizens, but also to give the work the construction workers “, he argued.

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