Lehouillier advocates the nationalization of the CHSLD

Le Manoir Liverpool, résidence de la Rive-Sud, a été mis sous tutelle après une éclosion de COVID-19.

The Manor Liverpool, the home of the South Shore, has been placed under trusteeship after an outbreak of COVID-19.

April 30, 2020 14h09


Lehouillier advocates the nationalization of the CHSLD

Baptiste Ricard-Châtelain

Baptiste Ricard-Châtelain

The Sun


The mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier, calls on the quebec government to “nationalize” the residences of long-term care for seniors.

“I think that at the level of the CHSLD, it is returned to a point of crossroads where decisions must be taken,” said the elected official on the sidelines of a press briefing on Thursday. “It is necessary to consider all ways required to restore a minimum of decency within our NURSING homes.”

“Personally, I have a tendency toward nationalization,” said the mayor. “Me, my addiction, this would be more to ensure that the State resume in hand all of the CHSLD.”

Mr. Lehouillier was in response to questions by Radio-Canada, which broadcasts allegations troubling about the management of the Manor Liverpool, the home of the South Shore trusteeship after an outbreak of COVID-19.

“The health, this is not something that we improvised,” adds Gilles Lehouillier. “It takes people who are trained. Me, personally, I am reassured when I see that my hospital is managed by the ministry of Health because I know that I’ll find the necessary specialists, the doctors needed.”

According to him, the only increase in wages of orderlies, will not suffice to reform the system of care for the elderly. “It is more than that : it will be necessary to look at all the management of these centres-there.”

“Now it is time for people to realize that we cannot be satisfied with a report that one puts on a shelf. It is really necessary that one passes to the action quickly.”

Indifference collective

Mr. Lehouillier we, therefore, invites an examination of conscience. “The pandemic we will have demonstrated one thing : we are no longer able to remain indifferent. For us, it is important to take up the cause for them.”

“And we will be behind the government to consider solutions that will allow us to permanently not to fall into indifference,” he said.

“Now, There is a point at the crossroads”, he insists. “And it really should collectively take up the cause for our seniors. This is to say : it is Health. Everyone has a share of responsibility. And we’ll have to assume from now on that share of the responsibility.”

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