Lesya Nikityuk not ready to become a wife

Леся Никитюк не готова стать женой

Personal life of Lesya Nikityuk gets out of order. The star is not yet ready to become a wife.

Recently, former presenter of the travel show “heads and tails” Lesya Nikityuk boasted a ring on the ring finger, which gave her her beloved. The star received an offer of marriage, which has given its consent. However, the Insider said Clutch.ua that wedding nikitiuk may not take place.

As we know, Lesya Nikityuk is in a relationship with his neighbor in the stairwell. A tall man, a rich and very successful. He is engaged in the road business.

“It also had to meet him at his apartment. On the same floor, in the same house is my neighbour. We have door to door, and all three years we lived with each other through the wall, but since I traveled a lot, we haven’t met,” — said earlier Les.

After a brief relationship choice made Les nikitiuk offer. The presenter took the ring, said the coveted “Yes!” The decoration on the ring finger she boasted in his Instagram.

Immediately after the engagement Lesya Nikityuk began preparations for the wedding. First and foremost, the star began to choose a wedding dress. She is looking several options.

“I want a veil carried my girl niece, sprinkled with rose petals. I would like to do a few weddings. There are so many relatives, would like to invite all who have walked on the wedding I who gave those sets. Let me also give a” — shared Les.

However, shortly before the scheduled event the couple made a crack. According to the Insider, the planned celebration could not take place. Lesya Nikityuk is afraid that family life will be deprived of her career. Now the star of a large number of job offers, and the income has increased several times. It prevents her to build meaningful relationships with the beloved and to give him enough time, writes clutch.ua.