Levis loses air warfare against Pintendre aerodrome

The Supreme Court will not hear the city of Lévis, which has been fighting since 2012 to ban parachuting activity at Pintendre aerodrome.
In November, Lévis asked the highest court in the country to hear his case lost in the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal.

The City believes that its zoning bylaw, which prohibits skydiving at Pintendre aerodrome, must take precedence over the federal aeronautics jurisdiction. The courts ruled twice that banning skydiving was a major impediment to aerodrome operations and the core of federal jurisdiction.

The City has always said that parachuting is an ancillary activity that is not at the heart of federal jurisdiction. The highest court in the country decided Thursday morning not to allow Lévis to be heard, ending this saga judicial.

In a statement, the municipal authorities say they welcome this news “with disappointment”.

“The City will take the next few days to analyze the other options available to it and will give more details at the City Council meeting on Monday, May 27”, writes one.

Another school

In April, Le Soleil revealed that after a few years of quiet, citizens of Lévis feared the return of excessive noise with the establishment of a new parachuting school at Pintendre airfield.

They learned that Parachutisme Atmosphair was moving its activities from Saint-Jean-Chrysostome airfield to Pintendre airfield. What wake up bad memories.

Since 2012, municipal authorities and residents of the Pintendre sector have been fighting to stop this activity, which is considered a nuisance for the neighborhood because of the high number of landings and take-offs, especially on weekends.

“This situation is deplorable and results from the non-respect of certain municipal by-laws. As a result, the City does not intend to stop there and will continue to support the citizens of Pintendre in this fight. However, it reiterates that it has never opposed the presence of an aerodrome in the Pintendre sector, but rather ancillary activities which, from its point of view, are not at the heart of aeronautics “, argues the city.

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