Lindsay Lohan told a scandalous story

Линдси Лохан рассказала скандальную историю

Stepmother actress arrested in Christmas in a public bus in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

According to witnesses, she was drunk and behaved very aggressively. It is 20 minutes paralyzed the movement, staging an altercation with the driver, scolding him dirty. When the driver got off the bus and tried to remove her from the flight, she jumped in his place and tried to steal the vehicle. Seeing a real threat to others, intervened in the case, one of the passengers, the man pulled the scandalous blonde from the salon and gave the police arrived.

Only sober, 36-year-old cate pleaded guilty. She was accused of being in a public place while intoxicated and disorderly conduct. The woman was released on bail of $ 2,500. In his defense, Kate said that she was upset by the fact that the bus was traveling with a 30-minute delay and she’d missed my stop.

Recall, the very 32-year-old Lindsay Lohan is also repeatedly brought for various violations, including fights, driving in condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. The actress has repeatedly passed treatment in drug treatment clinics, writes glavcom.

Lindsay’s mother Dina and father Michael are divorced. The man, a former stockbroker from wall Street and a businessman, he inherited a pasta factory from his father. Kate, he married in 2014, the couple has two children – three and five years.