Loan Service without contact in the libraries of Rimouski: the commands explode

Service de prêt sans contact dans les bibliothèques de Rimouski: les commandes explosent

The loan service records, books, and films without contact, put in place by the network of libraries in the City of Rimouski, was a rousing success.

22 April 2020 19h41


Loan Service without contact in the libraries of Rimouski: the commands explode

Service de prêt sans contact dans les bibliothèques de Rimouski: les commandes explosent

Johanne Fournier

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The subscribers of the municipal libraries of Rimouski have understood that reading and watching movies were a nice way to take care of and an effective means of escape in a situation of containment. A week after having put in place a loan service of documents, books, and films without contact, the City of Rimouski is working to revise its way of doing things, as the orders are exploding.

“We are victims of our own success,” observes the director of the department of recreation, culture and community life of the City of Rimouski, Karine Desrosiers. After a few days, we have seen that it overflowed. With containment, this is really a need in the population to have access to other forms of désennui. […] It is necessary to review our service and to adapt it to make it easier to do orders.” In the last few days, 250 orders were carried out by the subscribers of the four municipal libraries in Rimouski. As workforces are reduced to four employees on the ten usual, they get to deal with only a forty per day.

“It is important for us to comply with the directives of the government,” said Ms. Desrosiers. The library is closed to the public. […] The people within respect all the recommendations of the government, that is to say, they do not work in the same parts. […] It has all of the major concepts of safety and sanitation that have been put in place.”

A service that makes you happy

People can order by Internet or by phone from collections teeming with more than 15,000 documents, books for adults and for children, comic books, magazines as well as films from quebec and elsewhere. The employees to prepare the documents ordered and put them in a bag. Subscribers then have an appointment to come pick up their parcel identified by their name, placed on a table outside, in front of the library. As much as possible, the meeting is set to coincide with a release of the client for an essential service, such as to the grocery store or the pharmacy. “When they go, they take their order and they do not encounter any employee on-site”, specified the spokesman of the City of Rimouski. “There’s always a clerk who stands at the inside to see if the person has taken his / her parcel, and she said that it was” fun” to see the faces of people who come to pick up their books, tells the story of Karine Desrosiers. They are so happy!” When the documents come back to the library, they are placed in quarantine for ten days. Subsequently, the items are disinfected individually.

If Ms. Desrosiers says that the concept comes from the imagination of the employees of the network of libraries in Rimouski and the request of the community, it remains that certain cities in Quebec offer a service that is somewhat similar. For some of them, including Plessisville, Windsor, Sainte-Julie, Saint-Constant, Thetford, orders are delivered at home, most of the time by volunteers.

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