Local governments have increased revenues by tens of billions of hryvnia

Местные бюджеты увеличили поступления на десятки миллиардов гривен

Revenues to local budgets in January-December 2018 increased by 41 billion and accounted for 230,5 billion. In December of last year, local budgets received UAH 20.8 billion, or 18.7%, or 3.3 billion more than December 2017.

“For 2018 in local budgets paid 230,5 billion. Compared to the 2017 year revenues increased by 21.6%, or 41 billion. For the 12 months 2017 in local budgets was directed 189,5 billion UAH”, — informs the press service of the State fiscal service.

In December 2018 payers 25.2 billion UAH of taxes and dues on income of physical persons, which is 19.7%, or $ 41 billion more than December 2017.

“Taxes and fees on income of physical persons in the consolidated budget for the 2018 paid 229,9 billion. The figure of 23.8%, or by UAH 44.2 billion exceed revenues in 2017”, — noted in the GFS.

Recall that reinstated the Chairman of the SFS Roman Nasirov has published the main indicators of budget revenues. He drew attention to some indicators of the 2018 and expected budgetary performance for the year 2019. In our copyright material are the main factors of growth of budget revenues to 90 billion.