Long runs called dangerous for health

Длинные забеги назвали опасными для здоровья

The race for the marathon can be deadly if the person is not accustomed to such loads. This was stated by Spanish scientists.

Reports mir24.tv proven that physical activity improves health and prolongs life. But not all sports are equally useful, especially if you deal with them in adulthood.

Previous studies have shown that tennis, aerobics and Cycling contribute to longevity, but soccer and running are practically not affected.

Meanwhile, the popularity of marathons worldwide is growing. In the long races involved even the fans.

Researchers from the University Camilo CELA in Madrid analyzed changes in the composition of the blood of three hundred volunteers who ran the distance in ten kilometres, half marathon (21 km) and marathon (42 km).

It turned out that after long runs sharply increased the concentration of four proteins: troponin T and I, creatine kinase and BNPT. The last two are considered to be indicators of heart failure.

Short races dangerous consequences.

The researchers noted that the runners themselves did not feel that the condition of their body deteriorates, and hence could not get time to go the distance.