Love is in the meadow 2018 : Emeric, Patrice, Vincent,… What happened to the farmers after the shooting ?

After the end of the filming of Love is in the Meadow 2018, that have become the candidates of the season ?

During the second balance of Love is in the Meadow 2018, during which Patrice has settled its accounts with its contenders, it was learned what had become of the candidates since the end of the program. But in between the filming of the balance sheet and today, several months have already passed, and we are wondering today, where are the candidates in their love lives respective. Well, imagine that things have not really changed since September ! Always as a couple and more in love than ever, Chantal and Jean-Claude are in love, but do not live together for professional reasons. For their part, Raoul and Laeticia are also in love, with the difference that the couple had already moved in together for the balance sheet.

L'Amour est dans le pré 2018 : Emeric, Patrice, Vincent... Que sont devenus les agriculteurs après le tournage ?

Like Jean-Claude, Raoul, or Aude, who is pregnant since the end of The Love is in the Meadow 2018, Vincent and Pascal are also still together, the more inseparable than ever. After their altercation at the balance sheet, Patrice and Sylvie are definitely more torque, but still have a great friendship for each other. For their part, Eric and Guy are still single, unlike Emeric, who has found love after the beginning of the story messed with Lucy. Finally, and as we had seen in the balance sheet, Thomas has not found love on the set, but it is ultimately with Mehdi, met after the program of M6 that he is happy today ! We don’t know you, but from our side, we cannot wait to discover the next “where are they now” !