Lucifer season 4 : Chloe could stop Lucifer, after having discovered his true identity ?

Would it be possible for Chloe to stop Lucifer after he discovered his true face in season 4 of Lucifer ?

It still remembers all of the cliffhanger is quite intense for the Season Finale of season 3 of Lucifer, which has failed to be a Series Finale… Chloe has discovered the true face of Lucifer near the corpse of Cain, and therefore that a whole other universe existed… Oh yes, our devil has killed Cain, known by all humans under the name of lieutenant Pierce. His disappearance do not go unnoticed ! One thing is for sure, it is that season 4 of Lucifer is very much expected by the fans and should we reserve many surprises… Would it be possible that Chloe is terrified of Lucifer and decides to stop him in the season 4 of Lucifer ?

Lucifer saison 4 : Chloe pourrait-elle arrêter Lucifer après avoir découvert sa véritable identité ?

Our devil stopped by Chloe ?

It will be necessary one way or another explain the disappearance of Pierce to all his colleagues in season 4 of Lucifer. So it could be that Chloe, in shock, stops Lucifer for the murder of lieutenant. This could also be a small “revenge” personal record, after having learned so late the true identity of Lucifer. Moreover, it could also terrified by its nature, and the stop could be a way for her to be reassured, for a few episodes. For the moment, very little information on this season 4 of Lucifer have been communiquées but in the meantime, find out if Chloe and Lucifer are destined to be together !