Lucifer season 4 : Lucifer will he fall under the spell of Eve and forget about Chloe ? A photo casting doubt

Season 4 of Lucifer promises to be thrilling ! A love triangle will emerge between Chloe, Lucifer and Eve and our hero will have a hard time deciding as evidenced by a new photo !

Chloe will be a lot to manage the return of the series. In fact, season 4 of Lucifer, will explore the reaction to Chloe after learning the true identity of Lucifer in the Season Finale of season 3. Will she accept the person he really is or will she abandon it ? It is obvious that the detective will be challenged to handle this revelation, she is so down-to-earth. In addition, a new character is going to land in this season 4 of Lucifer, and she will have an idea in mind, to seduce Lucifer. A new love triangle will be created between Eve, Lucifer and Chloe… But who will be the king of the Underworld ? On a first photo unveiled, it comes dangerously close to the sinful woman !

Lucifer saison 4 : Lucifer va-t-il tomber sous le charme d'Eve et oublier Chloe ? Une photo sème le doute

A couple going there to get trained ?

Lucifer will not be insensitive to the charm of Eve (Inbar Lavi). In fact, the sinful original is described as someone who is dangerous and who has no limit. His sole objective will therefore be to attract the attention of the devil himself and his techniques should work. In this photo from season 4 of Lucifer, the two characters seem very close. Are they going to put in a couple ? During an interview with TVLine, Tom Ellis, revealed : “Lucifer is in a very vulnerable phase, emotionally – even if it does not recognize, completely lost and Eve will be at this time. Lay eyes on Eve bring a lot to Lucifer, about the man he was – or of the devil that he was. She has never forgotten. And she likes it.”. The passion will be waiting for you in this season 4 of Lucifer, but until its release, check out if a new king of the underworld will disembark in the Season Finale !