Lucifer season 4 : Tom Ellis (Lucifer) shares a message adorable for the end of the shoot

The filming of season 4 of Lucifer is complete and Tom Ellis decided to share a message adorable to thank the teams, but especially the fans !

Another page turns ! The series Lucifer has enjoyed a second wind thanks to Netflix. While the FOX had canceled the show after the Season Finale of season 3 of Lucifer, the fans are so engaged that the giant of the streaming has decided to give him a chance and what a delight. This season 4 of Lucifer should be far more sulfurous than the previous ones because the writers are granted more freedom in passing on Netflix. In effect, you have to expect some nudity. These next few episodes will up the temperature. In any case, the filming of season 4, Lucifer is finally finished and Tom Ellis decided to share a message adorable to mark the event !

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Thank you to all the crew who helped make #luciferseason4 so enjoyable, and for making our first season on @netflix one to remember. Can’t wait for you to all see it next year! Hope it’s as good as the wrap cake! ????

A publication is shared by Tom Ellis (@officialtomellis) on 6 Dec. 2018 at 11 :51 am PST

What shot appetizing ! To announce the end of the filming of season 4 of Lucifer, Tom Ellis has shared a photo of a cake where all the characters are represented in Lux. This work of art for the eyes and for the taste buds was accompanied by a message adorable performer of Lucifer. He commented : “Thank you to all the members of the team who have contributed to making this season 4 of Lucifer so enjoyable and for making this first season on Netflix, an unforgettable moment. I look forward to as you discover the next year. I hope this will be as good as this cake end-of-shoot !”. One thing is for sure, this is what it looks like. In the meantime more information, check out if Lucifer will fall under the charm of Eve in this season 4 of Lucifer !