Lukashenko held a secret meeting dedicated to Russia’s pressure

Лукашенко провел секретное заседание, посвященное давлению России

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko held a closed meeting with top officials of the state. It discussed possible actions in the face of pressure from Russia.

This was told to the Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva, one of the sources knowledgeable about the meeting. According to him, on the big meeting with the President all unanimously agreed “to stand for independence.” Lukashenko instructed officials to “closely monitor information field”, and some government officials believe that Russian pressure will need to answer “no meetings, and reforms”.

The President of Belarus made a number of loud statements on the eve of the meeting with Putin, scheduled for December 25. Alexander Lukashenko has accused Russia in addition to the discriminatory tax and tariff policy in the intention to destroy his country and to include in structure of the Russian Federation.

Lukashenka also called ill-conceived perovskim progress circulating in the media the possibility of establishing a Russian air base.

As reported recently, Lukashenko said he was ready to take control of Donbass and hold elections there. He also reassured Kiev that if Belarus and will come to Ukraine, it is not tanks, and tractors and harvesters.