Lyon opened robomarkov

В Лионе открылась робопарковка

В Лионе открылась робопарковка

Airport name Saint-exupéry Lyon in France opened robotic Parking. It accommodates 500 cars.

Innovation Park is that cars it is distributed robots. Before the flight the passenger may leave the car in one of the 12 boxes, where it will pick up the robot and self-Park in the right place. Parking will be open in a few weeks, according to N+1.

System developer — the company Stanley Robotics. The first such Parking introduced in 2017. The main element of the Parking robot Stan, drove up under the car and locks his wheel with retractable stops, and then selects the Parking space based on a return of the flight.

The system already tested and the airports of Lyon, Paris and düsseldorf.

Earlier, the Kyiv city state administration announced the creation in Kyiv of the automated system of payment of Parking services. Its development will deal with KP “kievtransparkservis”, and on 1 February began Rautatientori Parking.

Recall that in the Parking UA have the opportunity to pay for Parking at ENEA. As previously reported, Mastercard in partnership with LeoGaming introduced an updated mobile app UA Parking to pay for Parking on municipal Parking lots 219 KP “kievtransparkservis”.