Madison (The Voice Kids 5) : Amel Bent fights for her, a Soprano becomes her coach… She tells us everything (EXCLUDED)

Madison has impressed the coaches with his rendition of “From” from Julia Michaels. She confided to melty !

Last week, it is Mathilde de The Voice Kids, 5 who has spoken to us words of Jenifer, the surprise of Lenni-Kim and his musical project… You know, the adventure also lives on melty ! Just like you, we are currently in the process to attend the latest hearings to the blind. We had the chance to meet with Madison, who has us totally captivated with his interpretation of “Issues”. Wait no more, check out the new talent who has just joined the team of Soprano after that the coaches fought for her, particularly Jenifer and Amel Bent on war in the show 4 of The Voice Kids 5 live on melty.

Madison (The Voice Kids 5) : Amel Bent se bat pour elle, Soprano devient son coach... Elle nous dit tout (EXCLU)

Madison in front of the coaches of The Voice Kids 5.
melty : Hello Madison, you are discovered in The Voice Kids 5, why have you chosen this issue ?

Madison : The Voice is a show I watch it all the time and I’ve always tried to be judged by professionals. I think it is important to evolve. I also wanted to share my universe.

melty : have You always wanted to throw yourself into the music ?

Madison : Yes, I’ve always loved to sing since childhood. I sing for the fun of it. My dream is to sing on stages, therefore, The Voice Kids 5 was the show perfect for me.

melty : In thy likeness, thy father explains that he would like you to take confidence in you through the contest. The music is like a therapy for you ?

Madison : The music helps me a lot in daily life. I am by nature very shy and stressed, and so it helps me to calm me down. As soon as I get on stage, I feel that I am less shy. It makes me feel really good.

melty : You sang “From” Julia Michaels, why this choice ?

Madison : Julia Michaels is a artist that I like a lot ! She writes really beautiful songs and it is very simple. This song I enormously heard it is for this reason that it seemed the right choice.

melty : Amel is immediately returned, and has really fought to have you in the team, but you’ve finally chosen a Soprano, why ?

Madison : I already had a few preferences before coming on the show. I really like both, but it is true that once on stage I thought a lot and hesitated. I was really shared ! So before coming, I told myself : first choice, Soprano, second choice, Amel and I therefore remained on this decision.

melty : Thou hast felt what when you saw the chairs turn ?

Madison : I was impressed ! It was the first time that I saw the coaches in front of me, I had not seen before going on stage so it is really surprising. I was super happy because I didn’t think they were going to return so soon ! I haven’t really had the time to react as it happened as soon as I opened my mouth.

melty : did You expect the coach to say to you that you incarnais perfection ?

Madison : Then no not at all ! I remember that at the time, I was really shocked. As if, I was in the cosmos. I thought not too ! It made me weird because I am not perfection but it made me super happy.

melty : there are candidates of The Voice that you have been particularly marked ?

Madison : For me, they are all talented ! I love them all.

melty : would You like to live your music later on, or is it that you’re ways to direct you to another business in 10 years ?

Madison : If the life wants it, I would like to be a singer. After I know that this is not easy : it takes hard work and luck.

melty : To conclude, you have a little word for the readers of melty ?

Madison : always believe in yourself, even if it may seem difficult sometimes. You can always get there if we really want to !