Maeva (Villa 3) rebuilt his lips, the result is impressive and is not appealing to web users (PICTURE)

Maeva has been the reaction of the users on Instagram, and it is mostly because of her lips that she’s done a lot to talk about ! It tells you everything below.

While Jessica Thivenin Marseille Asia is increasingly criticized on the social networks for having too much plastic surgery, this time, it’s Maeva, which has the buzz on his account Instagram… The reason ? His lips ! On the social network, the young woman has posted a new picture of herself where we can see that she has lips very swollen… And this “small” detail was not lost on viewers who do not have hesitated to respond to this physical transformation ! Of the comments that we propose to you to discover just below as well as the photo in question…

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A publication shared by MY EVA (@iammaevamartinez) on 6 Jan. 2019 at 5 :58 PST

“It is clear, it’s abused lips and after it’s going to be worse ! It is a cat there, too much surgery ! (…) Oh my God the lips, Maeva why ??? (…) My God, but your lips they are going to explode or how it goes ??? It is a shame to have to go in excess like that”, one can read among the many comments. Maeva will she respond to them ? It is a matter to follow… And before you discover it, be aware that after Hillary, several candidates NRJ12 recently flew for the filming of Angels 11, which will take place in Miami in the days to come !