Maeve Coucke (Miss France 2018) favorite for Miss World, that is why she can win the crown ?

Maeve Coucke will represent France at the election of Miss World in 2018 and it is mega favorite… It explains everything !

We know the identity of the candidate Miss France in 2019, which could win the election according to the statistics ! But before knowing which region will win the crown, all eyes have turned to China for the Miss World contest. This year, it is Maëva Coucke who will defend the colors of our country and it has all its chances to clinch the title. Since several weeks already she has been selected for the final and Sylvie Tellier has confided his optimism to our colleagues at La Voix du Nord : “Maeve is a qualified in the top 30. This is good because now she can aim at the top 12. In any case, one aims at the top 5 ! I believe we will get there. (…) It is more close to the values of Miss World. (…) It is a young woman engaged in the fight against cancer. It is laid very French in its style… It has less this on the american side of Miss Universe !”

Maëva Coucke (Miss France 2018) favorite pour Miss Monde, pourquoi elle peut remporter la couronne ?

As a reminder, France has won this title in 1953 with Denise Perrier. But in the past few years, the title is getting closer and closer since Chloe Mortaud was third runner up in 2009, Marine Lorphelin has been elected first runner-up in 2013 and 2017: Dawn Kichenin was in the top 5. Everything is possible, therefore, to Maeve Coucke ! For the support, we’ll see you Saturday, December 8, on the First Paris to follow the election of Miss World in 2018 from Sanya, China ! Otherwise, Jean-Pierre Foucault has responded to the rumor, which announced a new moderator at the head of the Miss France 2019 !