Ma?tre Gims, Dadju, MHD, Jul… The forgotten Victories of the Music 2019

Ma?tre Gims, Dadju, MHD, Jul... Les oubli?s des Victoires de la Musique 2019

While the list of appointed to the Victoires de la Musique 2019 fell, many artists seem to have been forgotten.

It finally knows the list of appointed to the Victoires de la Musique 2019. On 8 February, the 34th edition will take place in La Seine Music in Boulogne-Billancourt, live on France 2. This year, the ceremony was focused on the rap and urban music, as Aya Nakamura, OrelSan, Bigflo & Oli, or Damso are part of the artists who contribute. The evening promises to be full of good surprises, with lives that should remain in the annals. Despite everything, this list has quite a few disappointed, because a lot of great artists that have marked the year 2018 have not been appointed, to the great regret of their audience.

Although it is one of the rappers most popular at the moment, Ma?tre Gims has not been selected by the jury of professionals. His album Black Belt has 40 songs and the interpreter of “being Undermined as never before” will be in concert at the Stade de France in September 2019 with the Fuego Tour. His brother Dadju has not been cited, although it has not done very well with his opus Gentleman 2.0., still well-placed in France. Marseille Jul and Soprano, yet already acclaimed in previous years, are not found in the list either. It is also believed to MHD, which has made a comeback with 19 or even to Jenifer, who has been defended by its fans, very popular since the release of the New Page in October 2019… Not convincing enough maybe to win this trophy so coveted.