Major outbreak of COVID-19 at the Jeffery Hale Hospital Quebec city

Importante éclosion de COVID-19 à l’Hôpital Jeffery Hale de Québec

Photo: Jeffery Hale Hospital-Saint Brigid’s via Google Maps
The Jeffery Hale Hospital, Quebec city, is the main place of hatch of the COVID-19 in the region of the Capitale-Nationale region.

The Jeffery Hale Hospital of the district of Saint-Sacrement, Québec city, is the principal place of outbreak of the COVID-19 in the region.

The integrated Center for academic health and social services (CIUSSS) of the National Capital confirms that in the building of several floors of the chemin Sainte-Foy, 46 patients and 31 staff members have tested positive to the COVID-19, and that at least 12 people have been trained in the death.

As of Thursday, 35 people had been placed in administrative segregation at the Jeffery Hale Hospital.

On the territory of the Capitale-Nationale region, the most recent report available reports of 20 deaths and 551 people infected, the most affected sectors being those of Beauport and Sainte-Foy-Sillery. Nearly 30 % of positive cases are not related to travelers or contacts of travellers.

The Jeffery Hale Hospital offers a variety of services of primary health care in French and in English. It is home to a day centre for the elderly ; geriatrics is a medical specialty.

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