Major players, the EU has created a coalition of armed forces

 Крупнейшие игроки ЕС создали коалицию  вооружённых сил

Wednesday, November 7, in Paris, nine EU countries have created a Coalition of European armed forces. The coalition included Germany, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. France led the initiative, writes Reuters.

It is assumed that coalition members will collaborate in planning, analysis of new military and humanitarian crises, and possible military measures in response to these crises.

“At a time when threats and turmoil in the geopolitical or climatic disasters are increasing, the initiative has to send a signal that Europe is ready, Europe is able,” — said the official representative of the French Ministry of defense.

According to the President of France Emmanuel Macron, a “European army” is designed to reduce dependence on the US.

Earlier the President of France Emmanuel macron suggested that the countries of Europe no longer rely on defense in the United States and to bring to the discussion other European countries. So, in June the defence Ministers of the nine EU countries signed an agreement to form a joint European force military response.