Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti, Jazz and Laurent… do you Know by heart the names of the children of candidates from reality tv ?

Manon Marsault et Julien Tanti, Jazz et Laurent... Connais-tu par c?ur les pr?noms des enfants de candidats de t?l?-r?alit? ?

Published 4 hours Published on the 11th of jan. 2019 16:00:02Ecrit by Amandine J.

They are still babies, or in the age to have acne pimples, the children of candidates from reality tv are often entitled to the same media treatment as their parents. But do you really know ?

1. What will be the full first name of the son of Jazz and Laurent ?

  • has

    Cayden Billionaire Carlos

  • b

    Cayden Laurent Francesco

  • c

    Cayden Idris Kylian

  • d

    Cayden Fallon Brazil