Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti (LMEA) winners of an amazing prize thanks to a person very amazing (VIDEO)

Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti come of winning a prize and it tells you everything about the award just below.

Yesterday in Paris, the seventh ceremony of the SMA Awards took place and Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti (who is happy to have left Thailand for a reason) have won the prize of “Best extension digital a TV program off-prime”. The two lovers have accumulated more than 15 million views for their show “Manon + Julien = baby fraté” which is still available on a 6-play ! The opportunity for Julien Tanti to react on his account Snapchat where he says : “With Manon and Tiago, we’ve won our first prize. Small trophy that was won with 15 million views. Thank you !”

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For its part, Manon Marsault is pleased with the success of Tiago and she explains : “This is the youngest baby in the world to win the awards !” And they are not the only ones to be glad of this victory, since Paga and Carla Moreau held to congratulate them on Snapchat… In melty also, we congratulate Manon Marsault, Julien Tanti and of course, Tiago ! And before we find all three on our screens in The Marseille Asia, know that Nikola Lozina has been accused of having deceived Laura Lempika and cope with this disruption, the pretty brunette has taken a decision more than radical on the canvas !