Manon Marsault (LMAT) back in The Marseilles vs the rest of the World ? She makes revelations (VIDEO)

Manon Marsault has made revelations about the next season of the Marseille vs. the rest of the World and telling you all right here !

Last year, Manon Marsault had not been able to participate in the cross country against the rest of the World, since she had just turned Tiago. She has participated in the program as a guest and obviously, she is ready to make his big return in the show as a candidate ! On his account, Snapchat, Manon Marsault (which has come to the defence of Maeva in its clash against Astrid Nelsia) explained that she was even going to take up the sport to be in shape to the cross ! To discover all the secrets of the pretty brunette on this adventure, it happens just below…

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A publication shared by Manon Marsault (@manonmarsault) on 27 Feb. 2019 at 11 :12 am PST

“I say to myself that in a few months, it’s going to be the shooting of the cross against the rest of the World. Last year, I was having Tiago, so I haven’t done any sports events. As I’m going to definitely pick up this year, I don’t want to be merguez. If the shooting goes this year, it is out of the question that I am less strong than before. As you say he’s got work to do”, she explained on the social network in the yellow logo ! Remains to be seen if now she will be the candidate of the team of Marseille or the rest of the World… also, please be aware that Alix has proven to be complexed by a part of his body.