Manon Marsault (LMEA) unrecognizable on Instagram, viewers are shocked (PHOTO)

Internet users have been shocked by the recent publication of Manon Marsault on Instagram and we will explain why below.

Kevin Guedj Marseille in Asia is it too photoshopped on his account Instagram ? People are in shock ! And after the young man, it is the turn of Manon Marsault to hear criticism from the users of Instagram… These are also that the young mom has a bit abused filters during a product placement for a brand of clothes ! People have even struggled to recognize Manon Marsault… It is you say ! Also just below, we offer you to discover the photo in question, as well as some of the comments that we have read on this post.

See this publication on Instagram

A publication shared by Manon Marsault (@manonmarsault) on 17 Dec. 2018 at 11 :10 PST

“His face has changed, I do not understand (…) It seems that this is not you (…) I’ve not recognized (…) We don’t say it”, a-t-on could read one of the many comments from users who have also published several smiley shocked ! Manon Marsault will she respond to these criticisms ? It is a matter to follow… In any case, she can always count on the support of his fans who have not missed the compliment ! Also, please be aware that Benjamin Samat and Alix will be delivered in couple since the filming of the Marseillais in Asia… In any case, several details have sown the seed of doubt on the social networks !