Manon Marsault (LMvsMonde3) post a photo with Julien Tanti and the wrath of internet users (VIDEO)

Manon Marsault has drawn the ire of internet users, and we offer you to discover just below.

While Shanna Kress des Anges season 10 has been the reaction of the internet users after its last publication to Instagram, it is the turn of Manon Marsault be at the heart of discussions on the social network… The reason ? His outfit ultra sexy ! On the photo you can see just below, Manon Marsault laying in the arms of Julien Tanti in a dress very transparent where you can see her underwear ! And obviously, internet users have not failed to respond by criticizing… We could read : “You are in a gown or in underwear bra ? (…) Manon, you’ll put in hair, it is better”.

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A publication shared by Manon Marsault (@manonmarsault) on 17 Oct. 2018 12 :25 PDT

Critics who have immediately reacted to the beautiful brunette on Snapchat… The latter was then clarified that she had worn this dress during her vacation in Los Angeles and there, people were not shocked ! Before you put an end to this controversy, Manon Marsault explains that over this dress, she had a long jacket that covered her buttocks… Whatever it is : the beautiful brunette is making fun of the critics and they also know ! And if not, be aware that a petition has been launched on social networks for Jessica Thivenin stops to participate in Marseille, and she has responded !