Manon Marsault (LMvsMonde3) too close to the brother of jared ? She pushes a rant (VIDEO)

While Julien Tanti is currently on the set of the Marseillais, Manon Marsault has pushed a little rant on the social networks.

Julien Tanti is currently in Thailand with all its fratés, on the filming of the new season of the Marseillais, and if Manon Marsault and Tiago are already planning to join, the young mother was first offered a few days of vacation. Only here, the candidate of reality tv and his son are not the only ones of the trip, as Nicolas, the brother of Julien is also present, as she admitted recently on her account Snapchat : “a few days ago, I told you that I was going for a vacation alone with Tiago. When I say alone, that is to say that there is not Julien (…) I’m not the only one since I’m with my brother-in-law”.

Manon Marsault (LMvsMonde3) trop proche du frère de Julien ? Elle pousse un coup de gueule (VIDÉO)

If we are to believe the messages of some users, the presence of the brother of Julien Tanti with Manon Marsault, who unveiled recently a lovely time with Tiago during his vacation in mind ! Accused of being too close to his brother-in-law, the main stakeholder was required to make things clear : “I have seen messages from people who don’t understand why the brother of jared is with me, and why it helps me. Then already what is it can you do ? (…) Knowing that the brother of Julien does not help me for Tiago, it is multifunction, it is a swiss army knife”. In fact, the brother of his beloved is not there to play babysitter, since it also helps Manon Marsault to manage its social networks and its use of time.