Manon Marsault with Julien Tanti in Marseille in Asia ? It says more (VIDEO)

Manon Marsault she joined Julien Tanti in Marseille in Asia ? The candidate speaks on the end of the shoot…

While we reveal to you here if Julien Bert is still in a relationship with Carla Moreau from Marseille in Asia with this video that responds to the rumors, the next filming of W9 is completed and the candidates register their last interviews before returning to France… Manon Marsault, and we confirmed that it was in the casting for the season, and that it was surely present in the end of the adventure also ! The candidate explains on the video Snapchat that the drafting of melty reveal below that she still has a lot of interviews to do before being reunited with his son

Manon explains live the shoot : “it’s been more than three hours that I’m in this room. Go, still a good hour and I finished, otherwise I would have ended up before my man”. It adds a little later : “I have officially finished my itv, I just give up my darling, everyone has his own shit to him he still I do not know how many days, I don’t know how many hours of hardship, and I went to meet my man” ! Finally, the candidate completes his snap showing Tiago, who will now come to four paws only… you can also Discover here the revelations of Alix of LMvsMonde3 on Angelic LPDLA6 who would escort !