Marguerite Blais rejects any blame for the situation in NURSING homes

Marguerite Blais rejette tout blâme pour la situation dans les CHSLD

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The minister responsible for Seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blais

Marguerite Blais is in his seventh year as minister responsible for Seniors, and yet : it does not intend to assume responsibility for the drama that takes place in the accommodation Centres, and long-term care (CHSLD) in Quebec, preferring to evoke “a collective responsibility” in the face of a situation that is observed, ” not only in Quebec but across the world “.

The minister, inconspicuous in the media for several days, underwent a series of interviews on Friday. The Duty he was asked three times if she accepted the hand of responsabilitéface the upheavals that plague NURSING homes, where the COVID-19 so far, has been its most serious ravages. She avoided answering the question directly, preferring to speak of a “collective responsibility” and remember the mea culpa from the prime minister François Legault, who said on 17 April that Quebec was “ill-equipped” to deal with the coronavirus.

“The prime minister apologized, he said : “I take full responsibility,” “, replied the minister Blais.

Although it is said to be upset by the current situation — that the wakes “in the wee small hours of the morning” —, the woman has refused to accept the analysis that it was in the best position to see ahead the disaster.

Marguerite Blais was elected as a liberal in 2007 and in the same year, the prime minister Jean Charest has created the position of minister responsible for Seniors. She held this position until 2012, and led, upon his arrival, a public consultation on seniors, of which one of the three major axes is the ” different walks of life “.

However, it considers that it had no influence on the situation of NURSING.

“It was not my responsibility to take care of vulnerable people “, she said to the Duty. ” I didn’t have the power to change things in the [ltc facility] “, she insisted, recalling that it was the department of Family and Elders, and not those of the Health, as is currently the case.

“Once, I was in the press [press] compared to the CHSLD and I did not have the responsibility,” she confided. She said they had relayed the concerns of the citizens to his colleagues in the Health — ministers Philippe Couillard and Yves Bolduc — without much success. “Of course I talked about it, but I don’t have the folder, so I have not had… This is it,” she said.


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No excuse of Blais

By virtue of the functions that have been entrusted to the prime minister Legault, Marguerite Blais said judge “to have a first responsibility” on the subject of living environments.

When The Duty asked her if she was ready to apologize about the situation of the NURSING homes, she answered with a question. “Why I wouldn’t ?” she answered, without asking pardon for the same.

“When the prime minister speaks, it is the government that speaks. “She then emphasized the importance of” remaking a collective examination of conscience “so that,” collectively, we think back to how we treat our most vulnerable in our society.”

There is no question, however, to this day, to consider sanctions against the leaders of the health that would have violated departmental directives and put their employees at risk, she warned. Not question, to accept the public inquiry that required an association of retirees. “We’re going to talk about it when the crisis is over,” said the woman. “For the moment, it is not talking about laying off people. “

By way of addressing “priority” to the crisis that is playing out, the minister Blais proposed the ” reconstruction of the CHSLD old. It said it wanted Quebec to be self-sufficient-level “medical equipment” and don’t count on ‘ teams who move around from one institution to the other.”

She did not want to pronounce on the implementation of the ” draft ratio “, which aimed to establish workloads that are safe for workers health. “It is [the minister of Health, Danielle] McCann who looks at it, and we’re going to look at when this will be the time,” she said.

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